Endurance Sports on FIRE! | Ryan Riell interviews the top athletes, coaches and industry leaders in endurance sports!

Endurance Sports on Fire brings together the top athletes, coaches and industry leaders in endurance sports to share their hard earned lessons on how to be successful and at the top of your game!
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Endurance Sports on FIRE! | Ryan Riell interviews the top athletes, coaches and industry leaders in endurance sports!


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Mar 22, 2016

47: The IRONMAN Marathon and Long Run Training

The IRONMAN marathon tends to be the most challenging leg of the day for everyone. The best part: it doesn’t have to be that way anymore. The main issue

IRONMAN athletes face is not being able to accurately predict their “off the bike” marathon time as well as not having the correct training zones for their run training.


In this episode, Coach Ryan gets into the following topics in regards to the IRONMAN marathon and long run training:

  • How to predict IRONMAN marathon times
  • How to determine the correct pacing for run training and for race day
  • Marathon pacing
  • Output vs. Input metrics
  • Determining your running velocity at lactate threshold (vLT)
  • IRONMAN marathon case study
  • Long run training


The Q&A for this episode is extensive and packed full of great info. The questions include:

  • How to predict run times for shorter races
  • Higher intensity (Z4 and Z5) training for an IRONMAN athlete
  • Basics of run training
  • Running intensity and duration “off the bike”
  • Running without socks
  • How to prevent your stomach from shutting down on the run at IRONMAN
  • Running nutrition


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